Edward is a small blue mixed traffic tender engine.

History Edit

Edward was built at Sharp, Stewart and Co. in 1896 and arrived on Sodor in 1915 to help built the NWR. Once the work was completed in 1916, he stayed in the shed, which the bigger and stronger engines had claimed that he was too weak to work and could only shunt trucks. But he soon proved his worth when he helped Gordon up the hill with his goods train. After some years, The Fat Controller I gave him his own branch line, which ran from Wellsworth to Brendam and the same year two new engines called Bill and Ben came to work for the China Clay Company at Brendam and later in 1965 BoCo arrived to help out too. In 2007 he met a old coach named Victoria and Edward knew her from the Furness Railway. Later in 2009, a engine named Albert came to the railway to be restored. He was also from the Furness Railway so the two got on well. To Edward's dismay, Albert and Victoria were bought by a heritage railway in England, but The Fat Controller III said he can go and visit them from time to time.

Persona Edit

Edward is a kind and friendly engine. He is always willing to help other engines, even if they have been rude to him in the past.

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