Electric Engines is the first episode of the series and Season 1.

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The Fat Controller announces that Pip and Emma have been bought by the NWR, and they are to help out with express duites to London. Gordon is pleased with this news, as this means he can take two journeys instead of one.

However Gordon is confused about electric engines, as they don't need coal or water and they don't puff steam. Pip and Emma try to explain about how they work but Gordon doesn't listen.

A few days later, a diesel from the mainland was late at Vicarstown, which made Gordon late. When he arrives at Kildane, he sees one of the electric engines. He didn't puff smoke or make a sound, that shut Gordon up for the rest of the night.

The next day, Gordon is impatient to leave Tidmouth Station, once leaving he heads for a bridge, it seems to Gordon that something was one the bridge, at first he thought it was another cow; but really it was a farmer calling for help. One of his hay-bales on his tractor had caught alight due to the intense heat. A passenger calls the fire brigade, however Gordon has a idea which saved the fire from getting worse. He suggested that his driver should use the hosepipe attached to his tender to spray water over the hay-bales; they thankfully succeed, unfortunately the fire brigade arrive at that moment and the farmer apologizes for a wasted journey, but they had heard about Gordon and his crew's brave efforts and a few days later they were awarded the Queen's Fire Service Medal.

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