The North Western Railway, (or the NWR for short), is the main railway on the Island of Sodor. It is currently run by Toby Hatt.

History Edit

The NWR was originally split into four railways, The Tidmouth, Knapford and Elsbridge Light Railway, Wellsworth and Suddery Railway, The Cronk and Harwick Railway and The Sodor and Mainland Railway. In 1914 the railways combined together to make the NWR. In 1948, it became the "North-Western Region" of British Railways, however this term was never used because of it's independence.

The railway's motto is "There's nothing quite like it!".

Lines Edit

  • The Main Line (Tidmouth to Vicastown)
  • The Ffarquhar Branch (Knapford Junction to Ffarquhar)
  • The Wellsworth Branch (Wellsworth to Brendam)
  • The Little Western (Tidmouth to Arlesburgh)
  • The Kirk Ronan Branch (Kellsthorpe Road to Kirk Ronan)
  • The Norramby Branch (Ballahoo to Norramby)
  • The Peel Godred Branch (Killdane to Peel Godred)
  • The Ulfstead Branch (Ulfstead to Bluff''s Cove)
  • The Loop Line (Tidmouth to Crosby)
  • The Killdane Branch (Killdane to Hacknfield)
  • The Harwick Branch (Arlesburgh to Harwick)

Stations Edit

Main Line Edit

  • Tidmouth
  • Lower Tidmouth
  • Knapford Terminus
  • Knapford Junction
  • Crosby
  • Wellsworth
  • Maron
  • Cronk
  • Killdane
  • Kellsthorpe
  • Crovan's Gate
  • Ballahoo
  • Vicarstown
  • Barrow

The Ffarquhar Branch Edit

  • Knapford Junction
  • Dryaw
  • Toryreck
  • Elsbridge
  • Hackenbeck
  • Ffarquhar

The Little Western Edit

  • Tidmouth
  • Tidmouth Halt
  • Haultraugh
  • Bluff's Cove
  • Arlesburgh 

The Wellsworth Branch Edit

  • Wellsworth
  • Suddery
  • Lower Suddery
  • Dingley Halt
  • Upper Brendam
  • Brendam

The Kirk Ronan Branch Edit

  • Kellsthorpe Road
  • Rolf's Castle
  • Kirk Ronan

Extension Edit

  • Pirate's Cove

The Norramby Branch Edit

  • Ballahoo 
  • Norramby Church Station
  • Norramby
  • Norramby Seaside Station

The Peel Godred Branch Edit

  • Killdane
  • Abbey
  • Hawin Lake
  • Kirk Machan
  • Peel Godred

The Ulfstead Branch Edit

  • Ulfstead
  • Arlesdale End
  • Lower Arlesburgh
  • Tidmouth Bay
  • The Old Mine
  • Bluff's Cove

The Loop Line Edit

  • Tidmouth
  • Callandale
  • Elsbridge
  • Sodor Construction Company
  • Crosby

The Killdane Branch Edit

  • Killdane
  • Hacknfield
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