Pip and Emma are two diesel-electric locomotives which make up a BR InterCity 125 High Speed Train set.

History Edit

Pip and Emma were built in 1982 for express duites around England. When Gordon took a rail-tour to Carlisle, the twins were asked to take the express back to Tidmouth. Pip's cooling system was faulty, but Emma was in order and so off they went. Unfortunately, Emma failed near Crovan's Gate and James had to pull them back home. The engines were quick to befriend Pip and Emma, and after Gordon had returned, Douglas took them back to Barrow-in-Furness.

In 1995, Pip and Emma were borrowed to take a royal personage and some guests to Tidmouth for the Railway Series' Golden Jubilee.

In 2011, the Fat Controller purchased them to run a faster service to London following Privatisation. They brought Prince Charles to unveil a bust of the Thin Clergyman at Tidmouth in celebration of the Clergyman's one-hundredth birthday.

Persona Edit

Pip and Emma are kind and friendly. They are quick to make friends with anyone, and that makes the other surprised since they are diesels. They learn quickly from their mistakes and try to put it right.

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