Season 1 of Thomas and Friends: The Railway Series

Episodes Edit

  1. Electric Engines - Pip and Emma arrive at the big station one day and the Fat Controller tells Thomas and Gordon that they will be running the express service to London. They soon become a success.
  2. Retirement - The Fat Controller III retires and his son Toby Hatt replaces him. The Engines and their crews organise a leaving party for him.
  3. Restoration Project - After the BBC filming a documentary about the Island of Sodor, Toby Hatt and other railway enthusiasts try to find out lost history of the railways of Sodor. They find a small tank engine named Lily, who worked on the Wellsworth and Suddery Railway.
  4. Adam - A few months have passed, a engine named Adam turns up from a abandoned shed at the aluminum works, he gets sent to Crovan's Gate Works. However Toby Hatt is still curious about the Wellsworth and Suddery Railway
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